Helium Bouquet : H27



A bouquet of :-

1pc : 18" Foil Helium Balloon

10pc : 12" Plain Color Helium Balloon

Balloon strings & weight included


Please inform us :

Foil Balloon theme

Plain Balloon color mix up to 5 colors


How To Order :

1) Place the order to ADD TO CART or BUY NOW

2) Checkout on CART & fill in your details correctly

3) Make your payment thru our MAYBANK account


Pickup location is at Taman Maluri, Cheras

Date & Time availability to pickup will be informed thru your Whatsapp


Helium Bouquet : H27



    >> What is the different between Helium & Non-Helium balloons?

    With Helium, balloons will float. Without Helium/Normal Air, balloons will NOT FLOAT and drop to the ground.


    >> How long can Helium balloons float?

    Latex/Rubber balloons = 7-8 hours

    Confetti/Heart balloons = 6-9 hours

    Foil balloons = 3-4 days

    Bubble balloons = 4-6 days


    ** all are estimations with condition that the balloons are very well taken cared

    ** actual floating times may vary depending on environment temperature and condition.


    >> Why do my balloons look dull after a few hours?

    This is due to oxidation, humidity & the suns UV rays.


    >> What can cause my balloon to burst?

    Balloons poke by sharp object, static electricity (car metal body), extreme heat and mishandled during transport.


    >> If my balloon burst, is there any warranty for free replacement?

    No, there is no warranty upon the balloon leaves our shop. We will also not be responsible if its damaged during delivery.


    >> Is Helium gas balloons safe?

    Yes, we are using pure Helium and do not mix with other gases. It is non-flammable & non-toxic. Safety is our main priority.


    >> Why does my foil balloons shrink in my car?

    Helium is sensitive to temperature. In an air-conditioned car, the gas will cause the balloon to shrink, but it may return to its original size if placed back in normal room temperature. We advise customers not to set the aircon temperature too low to avoid such problem.


    >> Can I bring my own balloon to fill with Helium gas?

    No, we would not advise. There is no guarantee your balloon condition is good to fill with the gas.You will risk to waste money to pay for the gas if its unusable.